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Our Progressive Agenda

Posted by piperj3cub on September 30, 2007

Why are we interested and involved in politics?  For me it is first and foremost a strong desire to see our country become more progressive; to recognize the inherent worth and dignity of all people in our country and the world.  This is accomplished through universal healthcare, fair wages, a fully-funded education system, and laws that protect the natural world around us and promote conservation of resources and the wildlife surrounding them.  Why am I a Democrat?  I know that the Democratic Party offers the BEST chance of moving the country towards those goals!


In a recent heated discussion, it was suggested that the Green Party is much more in-line with my values and beliefs, and as such I am “selling myself out” by being a dedicated member of the Democratic Party.  I could not disagree with this sentiment further.  In fact, I cannot help but feel that in America today, the presence of a third party is only a major detriment to progressive legislation.  It can be fairly argued that the obnoxious war in Iraq, the pitifully unfair tax system under which we currently labor, poor environmental laws and regulations, and the biased influence of corporations in crafting environmental, educational, and healthcare focused legislation is a result of the more “progressive” Green Party’s position in the 2000 general election.  It is abundantly clear that Al Gore would have been President had Ralph Nader not garnered 2% of the popular vote.  As a result of that election the progressive agenda has been sent back by decades.  Heck, our environmental protection was stronger under Nixon than it is now!


If the people of the Green Party really wanted to make a difference, if they really wanted to push forward a progressive agenda, they could do so much more effectively if they were part of the Democratic Party than they can separately!  Think about it.  If the most progressive and liberal Democrats boycott the party in favor of another, what happens to the Democratic Party as a whole?  We become more conservative.  If all of the true progressives in this country were active in the Democratic Party, our party would be considerably more in line with a truly populist agenda, and it is likely that so much of what we have been fighting for during the Bush administration’s rule would already have been achieved.  With these ‘progressives’ on our side, the left wing of the Democratic Party would have considerably more power, and the progressive agenda would be able to gain serious momentum.


If our governmental system was such that congress was parliamentary; if we apportioned seats by party voting percentages in the general elections, then I could see using 3rd parties to steer legislation.  But that is not the way it works in America!  We are not Britain!  So, the question is why are we in politics?  If the goal is to be a dissenter, to always have something or someone to fight against, then I can see being a member of the Green Party (or the Libertarian or other “3rd party”).  But if the goal is to effect legislation, then for crying out loud do what will get that legislation passed!  If the goal is to pass progressive legislation for the good of all Americans and world citizens, then it stands to reason that members of the Green Party must recognize their role in the Democratic Party if they came aboard!  They would steer DEMs towards our shared progressive goal.  As it stands right now, the 3rd party system, particularly with respect to the Green Party, will only continue to hurt the progressive agenda on a national level as their presence increases the likelihood of a Republican victory (something that must be avoided at all costs IMHO).  A friend once referred to the Green Party as standing for “Get Republicans Elected Every November”.  Unfortunately for us, for them, and for all that our progressive agenda would benefit, I fear that friend is correct.


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To Protest, or Not to Protest?

Posted by piperj3cub on September 30, 2007

Today I attended a “protest” of sorts for the first time, and am feeling somewhat awkward about the experience.  Delegate Pat McDonough representing district 7 has made the cornerstone of his legislative agenda a series of actions that would in effect make English the official language of Maryland.  As part of his agenda, he has been strongly outspoken about the deleterious impact of illegal immigration.  The problem however is that motions towards limiting translation services to immigrants (the practical impact of McDonough’s legislation) hurts not just illegal immigrants, but legal immigrants as well.  This is a thinly veiled maneuver designed to limit the diversity of Maryland and the United States as a whole; it is imperative that we as progressive Democrats work against people that promote these perspectives.  We must all always remember that diversity is the way forward for our state and our country.  We must learn from history and the example of other cultures and countries.  We must emulate what they do right, and avoid what they do wrong.  Failure to learn from our own history and the histories of other nations and cultures is why the United States is embattled in Iraq and other places around the world. 


The awkward aspect of the protest, from my perspective, is the question of whether or not a protest is an effective way to communicate one’s perspective or position on an issue. If I were ever to run for office, would the fact that I have been involved in a protest or demonstration hurt my chances election?  Would mainstream Democrats and Democratic Party officials shy away from a candidate that has been seen on local television news channels demonstrating with members of the opposition Green Party?  I would like to think that the message I was trying to convey by being part of the protest was at least as important as other considerations; but the more I consider other implications, the more I question the action.  There are MANY ways to speak out against a candidate or a candidate’s position on an issue.  We can do so by promoting alternate candidates, by supporting the party opposed to that candidate, by writing letters to the editor, and of course by blogging.  Those that use these methods are every bit as committed to the issue as is anybody that demonstrates, and it must never be said that somebody is not effectively working against an issue or candidate simply because they chose some venue other them a public demonstration to voice their discontent.


So, will demonstrations and protests continue to be a personal avenue for expression of discontent to a politician or issue?  I most certainly will attend rallies in support of those that I stand behind, is it much different to stand out in opposition to those we do not?  This is a question I will grapple with over time.  My question to you: Are demonstrations and protests functional or counter-productive?  Does being seen demonstrating against an issue or a politician damage one’s political aspirations?  Is it more effective to utilize print venues (newspaper, etc) to voice discontent?  Is there a place for planned demonstrations and protests sponsored by the Democratic Party, or would this backfire and damage our chances of effectively implementing a progressive agenda?


Democrats truly do work for the good of all, let’s all do our best to spread that word using whatever method will effectively get it across!


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