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Ready for war?

Posted by Annie on January 13, 2008

I just read an article on msnbc entitled “Bush: Iran threatens global security…President says Arab allies must confront danger ‘before it’s too late.'”  You can read the full text of the article here.  If you haven’t noticed the build-up to war that’s been going on for months now, you haven’t been reading the news.  It sounds terrifyingly familiar to what happened before we invaded Iraq (remember the weapons of mass destruction?).  Not that I think Iran is a bed of roses but one would think that the Bush administration would have learned a lesson about unilaterally invading a country that hasn’t done anything aggressive to us or any other country.  I just hope that President Bush doesn’t get us into a situation where we have troops actively engaged on the group in three different countries as his adminstration’s last hurrah.  This is particularly upsetting after he knowingly misled the American people about the Iranian nuclear capabilities.  Recent U.S. intelligence states that Iran stopped its nuclear arms program in 2003, a fact that Bush chose to ignore when speaking about the topic.  How can our president blatantly lie about this to foment Americans’ fear and not be criticized for it? 

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