Young Democrats of Harford County

For Democrats of all ages and other like-minded folks in Harford County, Maryland.

About us

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Harford County Chapter of the Young Democrats of Maryland is to promote the socially responsible values of the Democratic Party, while providing an atmosphere of free thinking as well as a platform to express innovative ideas about the ever changing political climate in our county and nation.


Article 1. Name and Affiliation

This organization shall be name the Young Democrats of Harford County (hereto referred to as YDHC) and shall be affiliated with the Young Democrats of Maryland, the Young Democrats of Maryland, the Young Democrats of America, and the Harford County Democratic Central Committee (hereto referred to as HCDCC).

Article 2. Purpose

The Young Democrats of Harford County shall be an organization that strives to educate and motivate the youth of Harford County to become involved in the political process. This shall be accomplished through involvement in campaigns, training in leadership techniques, promoting Democratic Party ideals, electing our own into office, and being a voice on issues important to young people and the citizens of Harford County.

Article 3. Membership

Section 1. Full membership in the YDHC is available to any individual who has not reached his or her fortieth (40th) birthday, is registered Democrat, has paid the annual fee, and who either:

     1. Resides in Harford County; or,

     2. Works in Harford County; or,

     3. Is a student in any school in Harford County.

Section 2. Full membership benefits in the YDHC includes:

     1. Full voting rights; and,

     2. Young Democrat entrance fee at political functions; and,

     3. Inclusion in any political or social function organized by or for Young Democrats.

Section 3. Members shall be considered in good standing after payment of dues to the treasurer. Dues shall be collected at the Executive Board elections in January and the amount shall be $10 per year.

6 Responses to “About us”

  1. daggermatt said

    Wow. You guys should read our “About” section. You make us look like criminals and vagrants. Our only bylaw so far has been that our own members to Be Brilliant Or Leave, which you may notice we’ve only had marginal success enforcing. Stop by if you already haven’t. Aberdeen election coverage will be ramping up over the next week, and we’d love to have you all in on the discussions.

  2. Rick Lank said

    Hi, everyone. Rick Lank stopping by for a visit, one of the five Democratic contenders for the Sixth Congressional Seat. Been trying to leave a note or two; haven’t heard back from anyone. Wanted you to now that all five of us Dems have websites, not just Andrew and Robyn. Larry, Jennifer and Rick — please consider putting links in your site to our websites, so your membership can get the full picture of their options on feb 12th. Thanks, all.

  3. kalmia78 said

    Thank you for pointing that out, Rick; the situation has been rectified. The website that I found with the most comprehensive candidate list only had those candidates’ websites included. I apologize…thanks for stopping by!

  4. Rick Lank said

    Thanks everybody!! This is an exceptional primary with an interesting array of choices for the Democrats — and the real challenge will be picking the candidate (a) who can identify with the entire Sixth District and (b) can win in November!

    With appreciation,

    Rick Lank
    Middletown, MD

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