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“Barack, you ignorant slut”

Posted by trumanesque on September 10, 2009

President Obama just can’t win with some people.  By “some people” I mean the distinct minority of members of Congress who are Republicans, their conservative shadows whose views are way overrepresented in mainstream media, and the 21% or so of the country who identify as Republicans.  If there was ever any pretense of willingness to work with, or even respect, a Democratic president, this past week has blown it away.

It’s bad enough to spend a month just making stuff up to scare people away from no-brainer health care provisions.  Now the conservatives are bashing even the most innocuous actions the president takes.  A message to school children, for crying out loud.  A pep talk to work hard and stay in school.  “Indoctrination”?  Where do they get these people?  And Harford County Public Schools, by buckling to these unhinged conspiracy theorists by refusing to show the president’s speech live, has embarrassed our county.   

Now Rep. Wilson of South Carolina, by his intemperate outburst during the president’s speech, has finally shown the country what this Republican minority is all about:  pure and intense opposition to everything Obama and everything Democratic.  If Obama commenced it, they’re against it.  If he single-handedly captures or kills bin Laden, the Republicans would say Obama was wrong because his mission cost too much money and grew the deficit.  It’s just like the Saturday Night Live Point/Counterpoint segment with Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtin.  It’s knee-jerk, it’s personal, and it brings out the worst in that minority.

Which raises the question, why is anyone listening to these people?

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