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Get the -ic in there!

Posted by trumanesque on January 9, 2009

Last night on Hardball, Chris Matthews twice corrected Sarah Palin’s taped interview when she referred to the “Democrat ticket.” Matthews said something like, “What school do these Republicans go to where they’re taught to say ‘Democrat Party’ instead of ‘Democratic Party’?”

Good for Matthews for pointing this out. Way too few news sources in any medium make a point of correcting some Republicans who intentionally mispronounce the opposing party’s name. All the print media would have to do is put “[ic]” at the end of the misspoken word, as in “The Democrat[ic] leadership is wrong,” said Bush. Instead, the slur is permitted to stand hundreds of times a day.

I would go further than to rap someone on the knuckles for saying it wrong. Anyone who publicly uses “Democrat” as an adjective instead of “Democratic” is an illiterate and therefore unqualified to hold elected office. Anyone who does so more than once has a mental age of less than 8, which would also disqualify that person from elected office.

Using this simple test will enable you to weed out the worst choices when you vote next time. You could dismiss John McCain, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney at the national level, and David Craig and Barry Glassman at the local level. (If only more people had used it when George W. Bush was running!)

Remember your fourth-grade grammar, and we’ll do alright.


5 Responses to “Get the -ic in there!”

  1. JoeLogic said

    If a Republican belongs to the Republican Party, a Libertarian belongs to the Libertarian Party, and a Communist belongs to the Communist Party, why wouldn’t a Democrat belong to the Democrat Party? Logically speaking, we should call it the Republican[ic] Party, right?

    I think this is just a silly attempt to subconsciously make the Republicans appear less democratic, and therefore less patriotic. The Democratics (haha) need to spend less time getting caught up in juvenile word games, and more time actually doing things that will help ALL citizens of this country.

  2. kalmia78 said

    Actually, if you look up the word “republican” in the dictionary, it is listed as a noun and an adjective. If you look up “democrat” it is only a noun. However, “democratic” is an adjective and since a noun cannot modify another noun, it’s most definitely grammatically incorrect to say Democrat party. “Democratic” is the adjective to modify the noun “party,” not “democrat.” I have no idea out why this is different than your other examples, but it very obviously and indisputably is. So, JoeLogic, your idea that this is a silly attempt at anything is proved wrong by the dictionary. The Republicans (noun in this sentence) need to spend more time learning correct grammar.

  3. trumanesque said

    The other answer to Joe’s question, “why wouldn’t a Democrat belong to the Democrat Party?” is, that’s not what it’s called. I’m sure GOPers wouldn’t appreciate Democrats’ calling their party “Repubican” or “Repugnican” or some other intentional missttatement. So why do it? Also, it’s clear that nobody’s talking about patriotism here; I’m just promoting common sense and education over ignorance. It’s also clear that we do intend to help ALL citizens of the country, not just the wealthiest 1 percent as Mr. Bush and the Republican Congress have done.

  4. Hoyt Arnold said

    Gee whiz trumanesque, aren’t you a sensitive one. By the way, there is no such word as “alright”
    as is the last “word” in your post. I believe you meant to write all right.

  5. trumanesque said

    Touche Hoyt. The word does exist, but I agree its usage is nonstandard and “all right” is preferred. (And before anybody says anything, I would totally spell “touche” with an accent aigu over the “e” if I could figure out how.)

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