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For Democrats of all ages and other like-minded folks in Harford County, Maryland.

March meeting

Posted by Annie on March 5, 2008

Just wanted to post a reminder that our next meeting will be at 6:30 on March 19th at Sean Bolan’s, the best restaurant in Bel Air.  We had a lively meeting in February with some new faces (who brought great ideas and energy), so come join us!  I’m sure we’ll have an interesting discussion about the yet-to-be-determined Democratic candidate…


2 Responses to “March meeting”

  1. So, what do Harford County Dems think about the continuing Presidential nomination and how it will affect the party later this year? Many people say that the “horserace” helps Democrat registration and fundraising, but many are saying that the lengthy battle will hurt (some say destroy) the party. Some believe that Clinton is willing to “burn down the house” to make sure she gets the nomination, and others think that Obama will take his huge base of new young activists and go home if he loses. Thoughts?

  2. trumanesque said

    Good question Brian,

    I believe a little bit is true of all of the above. Although the media play the doomsday angle on everything, I think in the end the party will be more unified, the nominee will be stronger and this will be a good Democratic year.

    Let’s be clear: unless he is caught in a compromising position with Larry Craig, Obama will almost certainly be the nominee. The best H. Clinton can hope for is a convention fight. While I don’t fault her for believing she’s the best nominee and fighting on, I definitely find fault with some of the ways she’s done it. There’s no excuse for taking sides with McCain against Obama, for suggesting the Republican would be a better commander in chief than Obama, for attacking him on past associations harder than McCain has. She should be defending him, and would be if she were not running against him. And her popular vote argument–including MI and FL numbers when neither campaigned there and Obama wasn’t on the ballot in MI–is fundamentally dishonest.

    Obama has not “closed the deal” not because he is a weaker candidate, but because Clinton remains a strong candidate. She has the name recognition, she has the built-in advantages, the organization and the local contacts (Rendell et al. in PA). She’s the safe choice for people who remember the relative peace and prosperity of the Bill Clinton years. It’s amazing what Obama has pulled off in the face of his relative disadvantages.

    People of good faith can argue which is the better candidate to defeat McCain in November. The problem is, that’s an academic exercise because Clinton can’t catch up. It’s too little, too late.

    If there’s a superdelegate coup and Obama ends up second, I’m sure he would support Clinton and ask his followers to do the same. But I’m not sure they would listen. Many would probably stay home. Conversely, I think if both Clintons suck it up and accept defeat–sometime–and tell their supporters to vote for Obama, those supporters are more likely to fall in line. Those voters are generally older and have more practice voting for Democrats.

    My two cents.

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