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Obama in Iowa

Posted by Annie on January 4, 2008

Barack Obama has won in the Iowa caucuses, although the Democratic race is far from over.  At this point, returns are mostly in and Obama has received 37% of the vote while John Edwards and Hillary Clinton are very close with 30% and 29% respectively.  While this gives Obama an advantage going into the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, Edwards and Clinton are by no means out of the race.  On the other hand, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden have both dropped out of the race and more are expected soon.  Welcome to the 2008 election season!


3 Responses to “Obama in Iowa”

  1. piperj3cub said

    A few days after the caucuses I am still in a bit of shock. I had long thought that Senator Hillary Clinton would be overwhelmingly strong in the primaries; Obama, Edwards, and the others would be fighting for Vice President and Secretary positions. If Obama could take New Hampshire (he is sure to do well in South Carolina), then Hillary Clinton will have quite a hill climb, perhaps an insurmountable hill. The reality is that any of the top three Democratic candidates are far and above better than the man in office now, and I will be an emphatic supporter oh whichever of the top three wins the Democratic nomination. It must be said however, isn’t it grand that either of the top two Democratic candidates would break a ‘barrier’ by their election. This is the biggest take-home message from Iowa… the days of white-men only ruling the country are (finally) on their way out. Let’s hope that the evangelical vote is not the overriding consideration in the 08 General election… lets hope that environmentalism, healthcare, cleaning up the foreign affairs mess that Bush created, and fair and a appropriate taxation are the defining topics in this election. If so, one wonders if this may be a signal that this country has (FINALLY) turned the corner away from radical conservatism towards intellectual and intelligent government?

  2. dana v. shelley said

    Greetings! I attended the first meeting of Harford County for Obama on Jan. 25, and was delighted with the enthusiasm and commitement expressed by local officials and a diverse range of men and women in the County. I am running to be an Obama delegate from the 2nd Congressional District, and would welcome your thoughts and ideas as we move toward Super Tuesday and then the Maryland primary on February 12! Dana

  3. kalmia78 said

    Good luck today! From the predictions I’ve been hearing about the Maryland primaries (and comparing your district to some of the other Harford County districts), you have a good chance. Keep us updated; if you are selected as a delegate, the Young Dems would love to hear about your experience at the convention!

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