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Posted by Annie on October 23, 2007

While following this debate and hearing of President Bush’s threatened veto, I thought to myself, “No way!  There’s no way even he could veto something so basic as healthcare for children.”  Sadly, I was wrong.  Hopefully, the debate on this issue is not over, despite the failure to overturn the veto.  Polls of the American people show overwhelming support for this program; in a democracy you’d think that our representatives and our president would take this into consideration.

 Check out the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for factual information on what SCHIP is and what it provides.

And this editorial by Josh Rouse from the Bowie, MD newspaper, describing the right-wingers’ attempts to smear the 12 year-old boy who spoke about how SCHIP helped him and his family.  Here is an excerpt:

“Just when you think the nasty elements of the political right wing in this country couldn’t stoop any lower, they do. Last week extreme conservatives pontificated viciously from the depths of the political ooze, lambasting a 12-year-old Maryland boy, Graeme Frost, who delivered a radio address for the Democrats after his parents went public with how the State Children’s Health Insurance Program helped them after a 2004 car crash left two of their children comatose.”  Click here for the rest of the article. 

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Blogging etiquette

Posted by Annie on October 1, 2007

While this blog does say across the top “For Democrats of all-ages and other like-minded folks in Harford County, Maryland,” we also enjoy the opportunity to have opposing viewpoints and political debate.  The Republican blog in Harford County does the same.  However, the political debate is not name-calling, one-line insults, or anything disrespectful.  If you have a point, please comment!  If you want to say “You are stupid,” or “Kill all illegal immigrants,” don’t bother.  Both sides seem to understand this concept of civil discourse on HarfordRepublican; check out this discussion about the death penalty.  All the comments actually have substance, which is more than I can say for a lot of the comments we’ve received in the last few days.  And they are not snarky or cutting; they sound like people who actually want to have a discussion, not just people who want to sling insults or obscentities. 

Just because it’s a blog doesn’t mean we should abandon all manners.  If you have a point and make it in a respectful way, you’re welcome to comment. 

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