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Stop Delegate Pat McDonough and His Anti-Immigrant Agenda!

Posted by Annie on September 20, 2007

Sunday, September 30th — 4:00 p.m. — VFW Hall at 8777 Philadelphia Road 

Republican Delegate Pat McDonough will be holding a fundraiser on September 30th to introduce his anti-immigration agenda for the 2008 session of the Maryland General Assembly.  “Speak English” is his main campaign slogan.  I don’t know about you, but my great-grandparents were immigrants to this country.  And at some point, Pat McDonough’s relatives were immigrants as well, since his name isn’t Kajika or Langundo or Opechancanough or Sitting Bull.   There will be a demonstration outside of his fundraiser beginning at 4:00 p.m.  For more information, check out the Harford County Green Party website (note that there is a place to RSVP).


11 Responses to “Stop Delegate Pat McDonough and His Anti-Immigrant Agenda!”

  1. Thanks for posting this info on the blog. I hope you all turn out for the event. Pat McDonough is seriously the kind of conservative that progressives of all parties in Maryland can unite in opposition to.

  2. Sgt said

    There is a huge difference between immigrants and ILLEGAL immigrants. Sound to me like you do not care about the laws of this Country or are just plain utterly stupid. Think I’ll opt for the latter till proven wrong.

  3. kalmia78 said

    There has been a huge surge in blog viewing stats, as well as comment volume, because a link to this blog has appeared on a Baltimore Sun talk forum. I posted the comment from Sgt as an example of one of the nicer comments. In response to Sgt, Delegate McDonough is not only targeting ILLEGAL immigrants, but ALL immigrants. His slogan is “Speak English” not “Speak English, Illegal Immigrants.” His platform creates a hostile environment to immigrants who come to this country legally. And for the record (and from a linguistic perspective), adult immigrants, illegal or not, will have a tough time learning English well, even with years of study.

  4. kalmia78 said

    As an FYI to future commenters, comments including obscenities will not be approved. This is an attempt to have a serious dialogue and an opportunity for CIVIL discourse, not just to spout simplified slogans or obscenities to people who will agree with you and pat you on the back (save that for FreeRepublic). 😉

  5. Republican said

    That was a cheesy gratuitous slam on Free Republic. Check out DUmmie underground if you want to see gross obscenities posted.
    BTW, is Kalmia Rd. still a collection of shacks as it was in the 70’s?

  6. Frank Ayd said

    You guys got this wrong right from the headline – it was not a fund raiser. But, that’s typical of close minded people who just push their agenda without knowing what it is you speak of. This was a great inspiring speech that any American would be proud of. Pat’s concern is illegal immigration only, and he warmly welcomes those who choose to obey the laws of our country.

    The Democratic party has made it clear that they chose to ignore the Federal Immigration act – what other laws is it ok to ignore guys and girls??

  7. kalmia78 said

    BTW, Republican, Kalmia is the Latin name for Mountain Laurel. And I don’t see how insulting the socio-economic standing of a road (and therefore the people who live on it) has any value in political discussion.

  8. kalmia78 said

    In response to Frank Ayd:

    If it says on the invitation that while the event is “free,” there is a requested minimum donation of $10, that is a fundraiser. That makes it not a free event.

    As for the close-minded-people-who-push-their-agenda part, this is the type of name-calling that this blog is not about. Your last sentence, on the other hand, makes a valid discussion point! The Democratic Party has never advocated ignoring the Federal Immigration Act, it just doesn’t think deporting all undocumented immigrants who are already here is the best option. And some of Pat McDonough’s platform, such as making English an official language, creates an environment that is hostile to ALL IMMIGRANTS, not just illegal immigrants. IMO, that’s not exactly what you refer to as a “warm welcome.”

  9. Frank,

    I’m holding the invitation that I received to the event right now. (Apparently it was rescinded just before the police told me I had to leave the premises or I would be arrested.) Attendees are asked to make checks out to “Pat McDonough Delegate Committee”. Not to pay the VFW hall, not to put cash in a pickle jar, but to write a check to Pat McDonough’s campaign finance entity. Legally, that’s a fundraiser.

    I can read, and I understand campaign finance law. And I know that when you want to refuse to let people fill out forms in their native language by making English the offical language of the state, you are clearly not “welcoming” of legal immigrants who don’t care to speak English. And I don’t understand why just about everyone who has criticized me and others who are protesting Pat McDonough’s agenda insist on calling us “closed minded people”. What is the difference between being “closed-minded” and disagreeing with someone and speaking out about it?

  10. daggermatt said

    You get a check plus in my ledger for getting kicked out of a political fundraiser — for ANY party, really. I like Pat McD for his doggedness, and for his political instincts. The man knows how to put butts in seats. I happen to disagree with him on immigration, which we’ve been yaking about over at The Dagger.

  11. Steve Hampton said

    Have you all lost your minds ? No matter if you are Republicans or Democrats, ILLEGAL Immigration hurts ALL Americans ! 12, 15, 20 or more Million ILLEGAL Immigrants are causing great harm to our Country. We have the LARGETS LEGAL Immigration system in the entire World. There is 100% NO reason to accept law breakers to press in FRONT of those who wait legally to Enter the USA. Mryland is facing the Biggest tax increase in History, while Illegal Immigrants and CASA of Maryland continue to get countless MILLIONS of dollars to support Illegal Immigration. Just today it was announce that Maryland has gone from 50,000 to 400,000 ILLEGAL Immigrants in just a couple of years. Cant you people imagine how much this is costing Maryland in human lives from crimes and tax payer costs.
    NO ONE is complaining about LEGAL Immigration. This is one of the little “tricks” of those who support ILLEGAL Immigration. They try to pile LEGAL Immigrants with ILLEGAL Immigrants. These are two completely different issues.
    Please, get your heads straight and understand that Illegal Immigration is hurting ALL of us, reguardless of Party Line. Remember the Maryland Marine KILLED ( along with his Girlfriend ) by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT with a Maryland Drivers license. This is NOT an isolated case. Americans across the USA are killed on a daily basis by those who simple are here Illegally, and Americans are KILLED because of some Americans who think that rewarding illegal behavior is Ok. Rewarding Illegal behavior brings on MORE Illegal behavior. Is this not obvious ?

    Have you seen the NEWS reports of MS 13 on the rise in Maryland. What about estimate of 331 million dollars LOSS because of Illegal immigration and this is expected to rise sharply because of Governor Martin OMalleys close association with CASA of Maryland.

    STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION before another American has to die in the hands of someone who does not even belong in America or we lose more precious tax dollars.

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