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CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate

Posted by Annie on August 5, 2007

Here is Part 1 of the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate last week.  It shows an interesting new debate concept for our wired political world.  The rest of the debate can be found on YouTube, just search for the words CNN YouTube Democratic Debate. 


6 Responses to “CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate”

  1. How about the Democratic debate last Sunday on ABC? I have a quick question about how Democrats view power in our government. John Edwards said that, in his opinion, every Democratic candidate who was on the stage would end the war if he or she was elected. Why have the Democrats conceded to the Bush administration the idea that the current or next President is responsible for starting, ending, and extending the war? Congress has the authority to declare and to fund war. Why are the leaders and the rank-and-file of the Democratic Congress (several of which were on stage running for the Democratic nomination) unwilling to to what it takes to end the war or even to re-assert their authority to declare and fund the war? Are all Democrats so weak, or just the ones that make it to Washington? 🙂

  2. kalmia78 said

    While the idealistic and frustrated part of me agrees with you, the realistic part of me says…Democrats don’t have that kind of power in Congress! The so-called “Democratic majority” is slim majority, and a good number of those Democrats are not strongly progressive. So the ones who do want to end the war don’t have the numbers on their side to end funding (which I think is a less than ideal option anyway). Also, Democrats seem believe that in order to be viable on a national level they must stay the middle-of-the-road course and come off as moderate, which I think is a travesty. But I do agree that Congress needs to do something to re-assert their authority in the balance of power…although with this president I don’t forsee that working. Just look at the Republican and subsequent media spin on this supposed draw-down of troops…which gets us back to (or possibly still above) the number of troops that were in Iraq before the “surge”…aka the escalation.

  3. “But I do agree that Congress needs to do something to re-assert their authority in the balance of power”

    So, what do the Harford County Young Democrats do to make this happen?

  4. kalmia78 said

    We write letters to our representatives telling them to support the anti-war movement. We volunteer, campaign, and vote for candidates we think are truly progressive and not just barely Democratic. We go to the Just4Peace rallies. We speak out for peace, diplomacy, and against the current administration. Does this make a difference in the long run? We hope so. Although I think everyone has a slightly different opinion on an individual’s ability to impact government on that level (unless that individual happens to be a lobbyist).

    What does the Harford County Green Party do to make this happen? (I’m not being facetious, I’m interested.) 🙂

  5. “We volunteer, campaign, and vote for candidates we think are truly progressive and not just barely Democratic.”

    I know that there are a lot of candidates and you want to make the forums run as smoothly as possible, but if you believe in progressive candidates, why do you focus on Clinton, Obama and Edwards and exclude Kucinich, Gravel, and even Biden? I know that they have very little chance of winning the nomination, but I think the egg comes before the chicken. They have a slim chance to win precisely because they are excluded from not only the national coverage, but from local events like the Young Democrats of Harford County.

    The Green Party seeks to create a viable alternative that people can turn to once they realize the Democratic Party exploits and excludes its progressive wing. Only after progressives realize that being the lesser of two evils is unacceptable will Congress finally know that they have to take action in order to maintain support. As long as progressives stay Democratic, the Democratic Party will stay regressive.

  6. kalmia78 said

    As for the forums, we’re focusing on Obama, Clinton, and Edwards because they are the only candidates who have official Maryland campaigns (at least when we planned these forums). We needed to find people to come speak as representatives of the candidates, and without local campaigns our chances of getting a Kucinich representative from Ohio to speak to a relatively small group of Young Democrats in Maryland is pretty slim. The Obama representative came from the D.C. area and is originally from Harford County; there is a Maryland for Obama site here: so it was a lot more logistically feasible.

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