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Posted by trumanesque on July 25, 2007

This Bush administration is right out of Catch 22.  First the Justice Department fires prosecutors who don’t tow the party line.  When Congress investigates, the White House stonewalls, claiming executive privilege.  When White House officials refuse to answer questions (or don’t even show up), Congress threatens to hold them in contempt.  The White House then says it doesn’t matter if you find our people in contempt, we’ll just tell our prosecutors not to prosecute.  (I suppose if the prosecutors disobey and prosecute the contempt charges, they’ll be fired, and ’round we go again.)

 Executive-privilege scholar and professor Mark Rozell has called Bush’s claim “astonishing.”  It really is an outrageous position to take.  Under his theory, all the President has to do is say the magic words “executive privilege,” and he and his people would be untouchable.  They would be in the no-law zone–above the law for all purposes.  If he or a member of his administration knowingly breaks the law, he can claim the privilege and tell Justice not to prosecute.  He may as well declare himself Caesar.

 It’s time to reign in this runaway President.  Congressional leaders need to keep the pressure on Mr. Bush and show him that he is not above the law, and that this country doesn’t have a no-law zone–especially not for the head of the executive branch, who is supposed to enforce the law, not prevent its enforcement.

Of course, if a White House staffer is found in contempt, Mr. Bush can just issue a pardon.


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